Welcome to the qbasic survey. Here is a place where I would like to try and find out some information about the people who come and visit my site. So if you would like to I ask you to please answer the few simple questions below and make me a little happier. :)

Please enter your name:
1. How did you arrive at this site?
2. How would you rate this site?
3. How old are you?
4. How long have you been programming?
5. How would you rate yourself at programming?
6. What version of Basic do you use?
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Here are the current results:

The average programmer who comes to Acid Works Software was refered by 1) Yahoo!, and they think that 2) This place Rocks!. Also they are 3) Not old enough to drink and have been programming for 4) A couple years. Also the average Acid Works visitor would say that 5) They're pretty good at programming and use 6) QBasic 4.5 when they're programming.