All of the programs on this page were made by Steve Nunnally. If you use code from any of them please give me some credit. All are in .bas or .zip format. Enjoy them and if you have any comments e-mail from this page.

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Konrad the Warrior is a GREAT rpg game. It was the first complete rpg done in qbasic ever. CHECK IT OUT!!!!!
Stick Fighter is the first game I made in qbasic. It's pretty much like all the other ones out there, but there are fireballs and pretty land scapes. Anyways download it, because it's cool.
TicTacToe is just what it says, tic tac toe. It has mouse control to select squares. It's pretty neat I guess. Two player game.
Speed the card game. Tons of options like play against computer or for speed. Different color backgrounds, different deck styles. Game options and more. Very fun, download now! :)
Shadez the Ninja is a side view Shinobi type game. I don't think I'll ever finish it because it is an old technology game, but download it because even if I didn't finish it it still rocks!!!! NOTE: It's not just one screen, try walking to the right and stuff.
Ninja is like the Comodore game called Wizard. It'll probably never get finished though, but it's pretty good now. So get and enjoy.
3d Racer is a game like the bonus level in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Try it out, maybe oneday I'll do more on it.
3D Raytracer is a VERY fast 3d ray caster.

Acid Works Draw v2 is one of the best graphics programs ever made in QBasic. Has tons of features and supports bload, bmp's, and gif's. Click on the title to learn more about it and download it.
Acid Works Software Intro is an intro like most companies have at the begginning of their programs. Well now we have one too and it's awesome. Check it out!
Acid Flux is a kick @$$ screen saver that uses palette to do some really cool effects. It has 16 diff paterns to display. It is almost mezmorizing. Works best with qb4.5 or higher. Get it today!!!!!

Mr. Smiley
Mr. Smiley is the happy face himself. Now you can talk to the star of all these games I've made. Talk to him and have fun. It's sorta a form of "AI".
Wackout is a game like the good old classic, breakout. It has ten levels, ten speed options and each level is a pretty picture. So get it now and don't miss out.
Maze Rescue is a game with four huge maze's which you must navigate through to save your friends. It's a simple game but takes a while to beat. So go download now and help Mr. Smiley save his friends.
Mr. Smac is a game where you play Mr. Smiley and must rescue your friends and girl. And you must defeat the evil Mr. Donut. The game itself has ten levels and is like pacman.
Kabang is like the old Atari ® game Kaboom. It has mouse control. It also has nine different levels, each one harder than the last.
Go Mr. Happy is a screensaver where Mr. Smiley has been split into little atoms and is going all over your screen. It's neat. I made it when I was board. Anyways get it and maybe you'll like it.
Smiley Checkers This uses the mouse to let you select the peices. You are frown faces until you get kinged, then you become happy. It's a 2 player game.
Smiley Pong is actually one of the first games I made a long time ago but the coding was awful, I cleaned it up a lot and now is here. It is a two player pong game.
Save the Smilies Snakeman! is a game sort of like Nibbles. You're a little yellow snake and must save little green smiley men. There are 15 levels, different speeds, and you grow different lengths.

QBasic Subs

Credits is an excellent example of how to put scrolling credits in your programs in SCREEN mode 13. You can make them as long or short as you want.

Palette shows with great detail how to use the PALETTE command.

Mouse is well comented example of how to add mouse control into your programs.

Neatfont puts different size and shape text anywhere on the screen.

Comming Soon.....Probably

I don't actually know when the stuff below will be finished.