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Top Sites

QBasic/QuickBasic Top 500 - Excellent page. Has the top 500 QBasic related pages. Click on the banner to vote for my page!
Dark Elf Productions QuickBasic Top 100 - Top 100 pages, excellent source of Basic related links.
QCharts 77 - Another list of top sites, this time 77 of them.
QuickBasic Elite Top 50 - Run by AmpleWorks.com, a great QBasic related site.
Programming Top 50 - The top 50 programming related websites on the net.
Top 25 QBasic Sites - You can find the cool top 25 sites related to Qbasic right here.
QuickBasic Top 219 - A list of 219 top QBasic pages, what more could you want?

Extremely Good

NeoZones Productions - Definitely one of the best QBasic pages around.
Enhanced Creations QuickBasic Programming - A great page, many awesome programs. Makers of WetSpot, the QBasic JPEG viewer, and DirectQB.
Sonicblue Productions - Excellent page, great interface. Home to the Qlympics and tons of great programs.
QBasic.com - Doens't update very often, but a great page (the original qbasic page) with tons of programs and tutorials.


Pasco's Page - Home to some of the some of the best QBasic programs there are, and a great library that uses no assembly!
QuickBasic RPGs - Biggest selection of qbasic rpgs on the planet. Plus pictures of each and help with making your own.
YPI Basic Home Page - Has top of the line programs like 24-bit Bitmap loader and AVI player!.
VirtuaSoft - A good page with many original programs and home to the great Dash! library.
Quixoft - Some great 3d programs, like a REAL TIME renderer. Home of the qbasic icq list.
Arrow's QBasic Page - Tons of programs and other stuff, and a very good layout.
WareSoft QBasic - Very cool, lots of stuff and great site.
The QBasic+ Page - Nicely laid out, good site. Constantly growing.
Ample Productions - Nice big QBasic site, what else would you want?.
Tsugumos Lair - Maker of TheGame, very cool.
QBasic Station - Nice site with some interesting things.
Chris' QBASIC Page - A very well organized site with tons of stuff, a good site.
QBasic Place - Home to the QBasic link exchange.
Ken's QBasic Page - Very good layout and many programs to download.
No Banner Eightball Software - Great site, easy to use interface, home of the Programming top 50.
No Banner ECG Software - Home to Spinball and other great programs.
No Banner Future Software - Lots of programs and home to the qbasic site search.
No Banner Soft Shoe Programming - Some cool QBasic stuff.
No Banner Free Games Online - Lots of qbasic stuff and other stuff like emulators and games, very awesome.
No Banner QBasic.Com - One of the best QBasic pages around, lots of stuff to download.


The QBasic Pages - Pretty good site with good programs and some programming challenges.
MicroHof - Good page with nice layout and some good programs.
Sublime Productions - A little small, but cool name.
Sir Taylor's Big Heap 'o Junk - A good average site, the layout could use a little work.
Plasma Works Software - A good starting site, looks promising.
No Banner Ragucci's QBasic Page - Good downloads and links, all around pretty good.
No Banner BX Software - Good starting site with some programs and reviewed links.
No Banner The Memorial - Has many, many qb games to download.
No Banner mrcard.pair.com - A variety of qbasic stuff, has qb4.5 for download.
No Banner The Basic Archives - Doesn't have much resourceful information, but has a more extensive library of programs.
No Banner Silicon Ice's Home Page - Lots of stuff in QBasic, C, C++, Saeic and more!
No Banner QBasic Land - This is your basic QBasic web page.
No Banner Gerhard's QBasic Page - Nice clear,easy to get around qbasic page.
No Banner KD Productions - Good solid start of a good page.
No Banner QBasic Software Pages - Has a few areas and some rare programs.
No Banner Joes QBasic Page - Nice little page thats just a little small but has some neato programs.
No Banner Snotrag's Game Programming Page - This site has some interesting games.
No Banner Liquid Dynamix - Cool site with some neat programs.
No Banner Bitchin Basic - Makers of the cool game Ziel.
No Banner QBasic Programming Corner - Good site with many programs and its own webring and java chat.
No Banner Double D's Homepage - Few good and a couple really good programs.
No Banner Warriors of Khor - Has some QB files and home to a good looking rpg.

Needs Work

QBasic Sound Site - Has some links and some programs, still growing.
No Banner Fireshard Products - A couple QBasic links and some custom programs.
No Banner Qbasic's Whetstone - Just a few QBasic links.

Visual Basic

Visual Basic Thunder - The best looking site around. Great programs and excellent site.
Planet Source Code - The greatest collection of Visual Basic code on the planet!
No Banner Microsoft Visual Basic - Home to the Visual Basic compiler at Microsoft.

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