Konrad the Warrior
in the Search for the Magic Stone

Here are some pics of the game:

Konrad the Warrior is finished, here's all the stuff it has:
-Made basic engine for walking around
-Finished about 100% of the graphics
-Implemented 100% of the graphics also
-Made over 230 graphic tiles
-Added items into the game
-Added weapons into the game
-Made engine for opening doors, chests, and lots of othere stuff
-Added locked doors and keys for opening
-Mapped out all of the huge world
-Made title, startup, and menu screens
-Finished introduction
-Made a custom font for SCREEN 13
-Added use of rafts, boats, snorkels, etc.
-Made enemy encounters
-Have saved games, each one remembers everything, even where items are in the world.
-Added instructions and game help
-Finished stores to buy stuff
-Added words and conversations with people and objects
-Anded a couple other technical things

I changed my mind, i'm just giving away the source with all features listed above. If you want it get it, if not, go away. :P