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QBasic Books
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QBasic by Example
A teach-yourself manual, revised from an earlier edition, with text and examples aimed at beginning, intermediate, and advanced readers. Teaches structured programming techniques and proper program design, emphasizing readability rather than "tricks of the trade" code examples.

Teach Yourself QBasic in 21 Days
QBasic in a logical, easy-to-follow format! This excellent tutorial will have readers performing advanced programming techniques such as drawing graphics and adding music in just a few short weeks. Features Q&A sections to help answer common questions users have about learning QBasic. Includes a comprehensive glossary that provides definitions for key programming terms.

Absolute Begginers Guide to Programming
Perfect for the person who wants to program but needs a good starting point! This book teaches readers the thought process and design behind programming as well as which languages fit their individual needs. "Provides an introductory discussion of using the QBasic language. Includes a complete guide to programming and programming languages. Covers programming concepts, languages, and products". Covers QBasic.
The Revolutionary Guide to Qbasic The Revolutionary Guide to Qbasic is one of the best Qbasic books around. It comes with a very helpful disk of utilities, and it is very up-to-date. It has info on programming the sound card, mouse, and much more. There is even a section about how to make a raycaster game and other 3d projects. This book is highly recommended.

QBasic for Dummies
A fast and friendly reference to QBasic, the most popular language for novices learning to program, QBasic for Dummies leads readers, in a sequence of easy exercises, through all the beginning steps--how to start QBasic, type the lines of a program, correct mistakes in the code, and get your own homemade computer program up and running.

Qbasic w/ Intro to Visual Basic for Engineering, Mathematics, and Sciences
This Second Edition brings an entirely new dimension to the basic programming course--by introducing students to the use of objects and to event-driven programming in Visual Basic. Designed for use with the IBM-PC and its compatibles, the text presents the fundamentals of computer programming, such as input, decision structures, and loop structures--with a numeric orientation.

A Breif Course in QBasic
For any course in which programming is one of several topics taught, Schneider's A Brief Course in QBasic, Second Edition, is the ideal programming text. In roughly 300 pages, A Brief Course in QBasic, Second Edition, teaches students all aspects of QBasic and provides a foundation in structured programming, with emphasis on problem-solving techniques. It covers the fundamentals of computer programming, such as input, decision structures, and loop structures.

QBasic 101
The step-by-step tutorial to learning QBasic programming! The workbook style helps new programmers take an active approach to learning. Provides step-by-step instructions on how to program in QBasic. Includes dozens of examples to show readers how to utilize what is covered in the text. Discusses debugging techniques.
Fundamentals of Qbasic Programming An introductory text/disk package on computer programming, problem solving, and application development using the QBasic language, assuming no previous exposure to computers and programming. Discusses computer concepts and fundamentals of the language, problem solving with decision, repetition, and subprograms, and application development with arrays, sequential and random files. Includes problems, projects, and appendices.
QuickBasic Using Subprograms Designed for a full-semester introduction to programming using both MS-DOS QBasic and the commercial version of QuickBASIC. An included disk contains all executable programs and data files presented in the text.

Visual Basic Books
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Expert Guide to Visual Basic 6
Learn the tricks that turn programmers into gurus; journey far beyond documentation. Advanced Win32 and registry sections lets programmers integrate VB 6's newest features with Windows; Internet sections show VB programmers how to build IIS apps, integrate Transaction Server, FTP and Winsock with their existing VB apps, and create Active Server pages. VBscript coverage shows how to use the Windows 98 Scripting Host with existing VB apps. The CD includes custom applications, source code, ready-to-run examples of advanced VB applets and applications, and a dozen third-party controls and applications for the hardcore VB programmer.

Teach Yourself Visual Basic 5 in 21 Days
This is a beginner's book, but one for ambitious beginners. Making few assumptions about previous experience, it teaches core programming concepts and details Visual Basic features and techniques. The discussion touches on ActiveX control creation but does not delve heavily into object- oriented programming techniques. If you're out to get a solid pre-professional grounding in VB programming, Teach Yourself Visual Basic 5 in 21 Days is a strong book to work from. Despite the book's self-help title, it's also a good text to assign if you are teaching a course.

Beginning Visual Basic 5
Going further than any other entry level VB book, this book includes deep coverage of database programming and developing ActiveX controls, the hot new thing in VB. The learning process is reinforced by Q&As at the end of each chapter.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Visual Basic
The text is written in a straight-forward conversational tone with detailed instructions outlining important tasks you need to get the most from Visual Basic. Topics include: Events, variables, arrays, forms, classes and modules; Visual Basic design environment; Message Box Object and Input Box Object; BAS Modules; File Input and Output; Graphics and Multimedia; Controls and Properties; Levels, Buttons, and Text Boxes; Looping; List Boxes and Data Lists; Menus; Toolbars; and Distributing Your Application.

Advanced Visual Basic Techniques
Essential skills for the Visual Basic programmer to create high-powered business applications. This book shows professional Visual Basic programmers how to master high-level techniques for developing applications with Visual Basic 5. Teaching by example, author Rod Stephens demonstrates advanced methods for object, database, client/server, and Internet programming. He provides fifteen fully functioning applications that each teach a different set of programming skills. CD-ROM contains all fully functioning applications included in the book.

1001 Visual Basic Programmer's Tips
According to Microsoft, over 3 million professional Visual Basic programmers use Visual Basic every day. 1001 Visual Basic Programmer's Tips takes the programmer from square one with Visual Basic. The book teaches the ins and outs of the visual Basic toolset and focuses on code, code, and more code. Additionally, the CD-ROM contains all the supplemental files the user needs, including GIF files for image manipulation, audio files for ActiveX controls that play sound, and HTML files that provide the programs' Web interface.

Advanced Microsoft Visual Basic 5
Advanced Microsoft Visual Basic 5 is a collection of essays on using Visual Basic (VB) 5 to build enterprise applications--a task that frequently pushes VB past the limits of what it was meant to do. While these essays aren't meant to constitute a VB tutorial, they address many issues that you're likely to run into in when developing large production applications.

Discover Visual Basic 5
Thanks to Microsoft's Visual Basic programming language -- and Discover Visual Basic 5 -- creating your own customized software has never been easier. Even if you've never written a line of code, author and Windows application developer James D. Foxall will have you building your own forms, objects, and controls in no time at all.

Game Programming
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Black Art of 3d Game Programming
The definitive book for writing 3D video games in C. The only flaw: the CD-ROM is only for DOS-based C compilers. However, most of the source code is in the book, and the general principles would apply to all platforms. If you don't see more reviews listed below, be sure to click on the book's title for longer and impressive substantiation of this massive tome's merits!

Windows Game Programming for Dummies
Take the quick and painless route to creating your own Windows-based games using C, C++, and DirectX. This book meets the needs of people who want to program games but don't want to wade through volumes of technical material. Here they'll find information that is accessible, easily digestible, and extremely enabling. The CD-ROM contains all the source code from the book, including DirectX SDK, and more.

Tricks of the Game-Programming Gurus
This comprehensive book explains the concepts and ideas behind the development of a flight simulator, a 3-dimensional walk-through game, and the utilities used to manipulate video, audio, and input devices. "Unveils hundreds of secrets, tips, tricks, and techniques . Teaches readers about advanced bitmap graphics, synthetic intelligence, 2-D graphics, I/O basics, and how to build an authentic flight model and user interface . CD-ROM includes all of the sour". Covers IBM & Compatibles.
Cutting-Edge 3d Game Programming With C++ A comprehensive tutorial on advanced game programming furnishes in-depth coverage of 3D animation techniques, source code, 3D game-programming tools, digital sound effects, 3D morphing, collision detection, and other features.

Build Your Own PC Game in Seven Easy Steps Using Visual Basic
Written in a snidely humorous style, this practical book teaches all the basic skills needed to program good PC games. It shows how to implement ideas and techniques in developing three specific games (a text adventure, a graphics adventure, and a graphics arcade game) with Visual Basic versions 3.0 and 4.0 for the Windows environment. CD contains complete source code and sample games.



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