Acid Works Draw v2

A must download!! Version 2 has even more great stuff.

Here are the features version 1 had:
- paint, with different brush shapes and sizes
- fill in an area
- get a color from your picture
- draw lines, boxs, boxs filled, circles, and elipses
- copy and paste
- an undo command for those little mistakes
- invert
- plasma
- blur and sharpen
- lighten and darken
- rotating, fliping, and shifting
- texturize
- diffuse
- pixelize
- add random noise
- make a mask of your picture
- stretch and resize
- save/load palette
- grayscale and many other palette effects
- loading and saving of gifs, bmps
- awd format with code to show you how to use them in your programs

And here are the new great features of version 2:
- now there's a great interactive loading box like windows has to make it easy to load your pictures
- rotate your palette(to see your plasma in action, or just for fun)
- grid on/off feature, to help you see where you're drawing
- anti-aliasing on/off for that nice, auto smoothing effect
- melting
- reverse colors
- text command for putting nice looking text in your pictures
- erase so you can get rid of one color without erasing everything else
- a nice selection box so you can select one area and then do the features to just that area of your picture
- a gigantic help file that goes into detail about everything Acid Works Draw can do

So click here to get Acid Works Draw v2!!!!

If you have any comments or find any bugs please email me.

Not sure why you'd want it if you could have version 2, but you can get version 1 right here.